Iris Pediatric Dentistry - Denver

Building Strong Smiles, Building Strong Communities

The thing that brings Dr. Murray the most joy is owning and operating a small business that supports her local community. At Iris Pediatric Dentistry, we love being a part of back-to-school days, health fairs, career days, school fundraisers, pre-school story visits, and school-hosted community events! We are also proud to sponsor our local elementary schools, supporting funding for art supplies, books, uniforms, special improvement projects and fun!

Iris Pediatric Dentistry - Denver

Always Growing

Children’s dental health is our passion. That’s why we never stop improving our practice. Dr. Murray and her team are committed to expanding their skill set and expertise by attending workshops and seminars and staying informed of all the advances being made in pediatric dentistry.

Iris Pediatric Dentistry - Denver

Child-Centered Care and Services

From their very first appointment to losing their last baby tooth, our pediatric dentist has the knowledge and skills to guide your child on their dental health journey. We work closely with parents to encourage healthy oral hygiene practices that set the foundation for a lifetime of good tooth development. If any issues arise, you can rest assured that Dr. Murray possesses the pediatric dental expertise to address them with a gentle touch and a positive, kid-friendly approach.

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How can we help you today? Our mission is to deliver kind, empathetic and patient care to children, and empower families to create healthy habits that last a lifetime.

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Iris Pediatric Dentistry - Denver

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