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Iris Pediatric Dentistry offers sedation dentistry through a partnership with pediatric anesthesiologists at Children’s Hospital Colorado.
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The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry for Kids

Welcome to Iris Pediatric Dentistry, where we prioritize creating positive experiences for children during their dental care journey. Dr. Leslie Murray, our esteemed owner, is deeply committed to ensuring each child receives the best possible care tailored to their unique needs. In some cases, particularly when young patients experience dental anxiety or require extensive treatment for multiple cavities at a young age, options for general anesthesia may be considered and are listed as follows:


1. Children’s Hospital Colorado: Expert Care for Special Healthcare Needs

Children’s Hospital Colorado is a distinguished healthcare institution known for providing exceptional treatment, especially for children with cardiac or respiratory concerns and various special healthcare needs. Dr. Murray worked full-time at Children’s Hospital Colorado prior to founding Iris Pediatric Dentistry and has established a foundation of trust and exceptional working relationships there. This familiarity allows us to coordinate and ensure seamless, high-quality care for your child’s dental treatment under general anesthesia. Care at Children’s Hospital can be indicated for those with special healthcare needs or parental preferences.

For more information see the link below:

Pediatric Anesthesiology at Children’s Hospital Colorado


2. In Office Dental Anesthesia: A Calm and Familiar Environment

For our in-office option, our dental anesthesia can be administered in our friendly and familiar office setting. This approach creates a quieter and calmer environment compared to a larger hospital, providing comfort and assurance to both children and parents throughout the process. Dentist anesthesiologists Dr. Kris Mendoza and Dr. Jane Gumangan and their team deliver careful safe general anesthesia in our office for our patients. Please see this video linked below for more information on in-office pediatric anesthesia.

Rocky Mountain Dental Anesthesia

Your Child’s Comfort Is Our Priority

Choosing the most suitable option for your child is essential, and we encourage families to reach out and discuss any questions or concerns with Dr. Murray. Together, we can determine the best approach to ensure a safe, comfortable, and positive dental experience for your child.

Feel free to contact us, and let’s work together to find the optimal solution for your child’s dental health needs. At Iris Pediatric Dentistry, we’re here to make smiles brighter and ensure a lifetime of healthy oral habits!

What is Dental Anxiety and How is it Treated?

Dental anxiety is an overwhelming sense of fear or dread when faced with the prospect of dental treatments. Dental anxiety in adults can result in avoiding dental care and difficulty tolerating treatments or cleanings. Often this can stem from previous difficult or negative experiences at the dentist.

Specialized Pediatric Training

Pediatric dentists are specialized providers that undergo an additional 2 years of training compared to family dentists or general dentists. During this training, pediatric dentists learn methods to reduce dental anxiety in children.

By modifying treatment to match children’s needs, Dr. Murray will make visits easier, quicker, and more positive for your child.

Other Methods for Treating Dental Anxiety in Kids

Sometimes kids can have anxiety even without previous dental experiences or for other reasons. For these children, Dr. Murray can explain options to treat any urgent concerns in a way that works for the family and the child, and then work with the family for customized desensitization plans to help children learn to become more comfortable brushing at home and treatment in the office over time.

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