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Nitrous Oxide Treatment in Denver

Administered safely and professionally, nitrous oxide offers an effective solution for managing your child’s dental anxiety.
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Manage Your Child’s Dental Anxiety

Finding a way for kids with dental anxiety to get the care they need without undue stress is a top priority for the team at Iris Pediatric Dentistry. That’s why we provide safe, professionally administered nitrous oxide in-office, making dental visits less stressful for both kids and parents.

While nitrous oxide is an option, it’s never a necessity. However, we find that it often helps children undergoing treatment that requires an injection or a longer procedure. It’s a highly-effective approach for kids who have extreme dental anxiety, a sensitive gag reflex, or are too young to understand the steps in their treatment process.

What is Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide is an odorless, colorless gas used as a mild sedative in pediatric dentistry. Also known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide helps kids relax during their treatments, reducing dental anxiety and helping them get the dental care that they need.

Kids who receive nitrous oxide will remain awake during treatment, but they will be more relaxed and have a reduced gag reflex when working on back teeth. We explain to kids that they will feel floaty, giggly or like they are “walking on clouds”. Nitrous oxide is always mixed with 100% oxygen.

What Happens When a Child Receives Nitrous Oxide?

Before moving forward with treatment, Dr. Murray will discuss your child’s health history with you to ensure nitrous oxide is a good option.


Dr. Murray lets kids see and smell the mask before turning on the laughing gas. Almost all kids smile when they smell the strawberry or orange flavored nose mask, and Dr. Murray lets them relax for a few minutes while they pick a kid’s movie to watch during treatment.

Quick and Efficient

One benefit that makes nitrous oxide such a popular option is that the effects wear off very quickly. After treatment, all children get at least 5 minutes of 100% oxygen to ensure that the nitrous has been exhaled from their system.

Your child’s face may still feel numb if numbing medication was also used, but the relaxation effects of the nitrous oxide will be gone after the mask is removed. Kids can return to school and eat after nitrous oxide.

Further Sedation Options

If your child needs deeper sedation to get through dental treatments, other options are available. Dr. Murray works with the team of pediatric anesthesiologists at Children’s Hospital Colorado to help kids rest comfortably throughout dental treatment.

To learn more, schedule an appointment online today. You’re also welcome to call and speak with a member of the administrative staff regarding appointment availability.

The Cost of Nitrous Oxide Treatment in Denver

The cost of nitrous oxide treatment for your child will vary depending on your insurance coverage. The good news is that many insurance plans fully cover this procedure! If your family is covered by Colorado Medicaid, the cost is $0. Without insurance, you can expect to pay $1000 – $1500 or more. Iris Pediatric charges an $80 fee for nitrous treatment.

If you suspect that your child may require nitrous oxide treatment during their next dental visit, we suggest contacting your insurance provider to get a quote before visiting our pediatric clinic in Denver.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rest assured, Nitrous oxide is an extremely safe option for your child when administered under the care of a doctor. Most children only experience mild drowsiness after treatment. However, it’s possible that your child may experience side effects from their nitrous oxide treatment. The most common side effects are agitation, headache, and nausea.

Kids who receive nitrous oxide will remain awake during treatment, but they will be more relaxed and have a reduced gag reflex when working on back teeth. We explain to kids that they will feel floaty, giggly or like they are “walking on clouds”. Nitrous oxide is always mixed with 100% oxygen.

Only a few minutes! Once the nitrous laughing gas is turned off the child will breathe 100% oxygen for 5 minutes to ensure the nitrous is flushed from their lungs. The child’s face may still be asleep if an anesthetic was needed for the procedure, but the laughing gas will have no residual effects. The child can go back to school, playing or activities as they choose that same day.

Tamika Gaines

The staff there are very welcoming and friendly. They showed care for each of my 3 children and made them feel very comfortable during their visit. They enjoyed their visit and walked out with smiles on their faces. I would recommend this office to anyone looking for a quality dentist for their children. Heck, I would come here myself!

Brian Eschbacher

I’m really impressed with Iris. Everyone from the front desk to the assistants and Dr. Leslie is super-welcoming to children and really help them feel at ease. Our kids were nervous about cleanings and a cavity filling but the staff really made them feel better.

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My girls and I had such a wonderful experience visiting Iris Pediatric Dentistry for the first time. From the moment we walked it, we felt welcome. The two dental assistants were extremely helpful and very friendly. They both educated my daughter's on the importance of teeth brushing and dental hygiene. Dr. Murray was so willing to answer any questions I had and was very helpful in providing a plan going forward for my oldest daughter's orthodontic care. I will most definitely recommend this office!

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