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COVID-19 Guidelines

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Iris Pediatric Dentistry will be following local Denver, Colorado and CDC guidelines. 

Policies and recommendations will be changing often, please refer to current page on our website or call the office for specific questions. 

Thank you so much for working with us to keep our patients, families and staff safe and healthy.

Is someone in your house feeling ill?

Please stay home!

If anyone in the household has had symptoms of fever, cough, changes in smell/taste or trouble breathing in the last 14 days, please call our office, 720-678-9401, to reschedule your child’s appointment. 
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Regardless of vaccine status, if you are over 2 years of age…

Please wear a mask!

Many of our patients are under 5 and ineligible for vaccination. Mask wearing in our office helps protect persons who may be more vulnerable and visiting the office. 

All of our staff members will wear masks while we are seeing patients, from check-in to check-out!
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What else are we doing to...

Keep you safe?

Our staff are also instructed to not come to work if anyone in their household has symptoms. 

All of our staff members are vaccinated against COVID-19, this is to protect ourselves and also reduce the chances that we could pass illness to our patients. We employ regular disinfection of high touch surfaces and objects, practice hand hygiene and have hand sanitizer available to all persons in the office in every room.

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What are aerosols?

We have Medify medical grade air purifiers with HEPA H13 air filters that remove 99.9% of airborne pathogens down to 0.1 microns. These are located in patient care areas as well as the waiting rooms and are set to clean the air of each area every 15-30 minutes.

We also perform aerosolizing procedures in closed rooms to limit spread to other areas of the clinic.

While performing aerosolizing procedures we utilize high speed suction or high speed intraoral suction with Dry-Shield to remove aerosols from the procedure before they make their way into the air.
We will be updating policies as guidelines change. 

Please find additional information about COVID-19 below.

Please call or email us with questions or concerns!